Friday, January 15, 2010


I am about 36 hours into my few days of solo parenting and I really should be resting up for the night ahead, but I am thinking about so many things that I thought I would try to get some thoughts out so I could really sleep. (I hear laughter at the thought of actual sleep.)

My girls were incredible today. I needed to move quickly and go many places today and it could have been impossible. I would normally have had to cut my losses and prioritize what had to get done vs. what would be nice to get done. Today I didn't have to do that. They were up and playing at 7am. When I asked them to stop their very intricate pretend game they didn't completely ignore me as they usually do. They let me convince them to get dressed and clean their room and walk the dog to the bank. They didn't stumble over minor catastrophes that would normally sideline us for 10 minutes picking up the pieces of their detailed plan in their heads gone awry. They took turns and resolved disagreements quickly, they didn't throw a fit when I told them no or not now. They went with the flow! They were nice and aware of adults who tried to help them and acknowledged them with a response to their questions or suggestions. They did not lose it when I had to leave their sight to get their baby brother weighed and measured at the doctor. They are growing up. I can't believe how much they have grown up. My baby angels.

The dog even listened to me when I told him to be quiet as he waited outside for us while we ate a bagel for breakfast. He sat quietly until we came out. !

And baby David. He was a true angel as well. He fell asleep upright and facing out in the Baby Bjorn! He happily watched his sisters in gymnastics class. He ate when I could feed him and slept when I needed him to sleep. He didn't even cry when he got 3 shots in his leg at his 4 month check up! Someone was watching over me today.

And the house cleaners came today. The feeling of coming home to a clean house almost makes me weep with happiness.

My kids had a great report at the doctor for their 4 month and 4 year checkups. We are so blessed to have healthy and happy children.

It was a great day. And I am basking in its greatness. Full of gratitude.

But I am also heartbroken that so many people in Haiti are not having a great day. I can barely breathe when I think of the moms there, looking for their kids or trying to soothe their injured children. On CNN they said they witnessed a c-section that took place in an open-air makeshift hospital. I am thinking of that mom and her new baby. It is incomprehensible how lucky I am and how much my day surely contrasts with that of anyone there in Haiti. I am praying for everyone there. It is devastating.

Two very polar realities in one very memorable day.


  1. Yay! A good mommy day. I hope you take credit for the good behavior and well orchestrated day. It is all because you rock! (Whereas bad days can be blamed on bad naps, grandparents and daddies naturally.)

  2. Glad to hear it love. You deserve many more days like that one! Hugs.